Your secure workplace begins with Join.

Cybersecurity is at the heart of the Join Cloud. With decades of experience delivering secure networks and connectivity, Join transforms any corporate work environment into the smart buildings and smart workplaces of tomorrow.

Security and simplicity working together in the Join Cloud.

Today’s building and corporate systems are more vulnerable to attack than ever. Sophisticated attackers are compromising not only your connected devices, employees, and contractors, but are entering through neighboring insecure networks as well.

Join makes it easy to deploy today’s strongest secure network and infrastructure. With our experience deploying secure reliable networks, the Join Cloud provides the ultimate data protection, without sacrificing usability and performance.

How the Join Cloud Secures Today’s Digital Workforce

Simplified Risk Management

Stay ahead of evolving and sophisticated cyber threats with Join’s zero trust infrastructure. Join continually verifies and authorizes every attempt to access your resources, boosting your resistance to cyber attacks.

End-to-End Transparency

Maintain full awareness of all your sensitive data. Join gives you complete endpoint visibility and control to track data flow and ensure only authorized users and devices have access to sensitive data and resources.

Secured Devices for a Digital Workforce

The Join zero trust security model strictly enforces access control for users on the network by continuously authenticating and verifying based on context. Easily allow access through identity verification and device management.

Complete Resource Visibility

Gain visibility into all of the devices and endpoints that have access to your digital environment. Build a better picture of the traffic and applications traveling across your networks with Join’s integrated network and access analytics.

Trusted Multi-Cloud Access

Protect your data with advanced network visibility features and secure connectivity. Join provides protected endpoints with a single management solution to achieve greater visibility and control of your data flowing across a variety of cloud services.

Frictionless, enterprise-grade security you can trust.

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Threat Mitigation

Performance Monitoring and Analytics

Zero-day Threat Protection

Risk Monitoring

Network Access and Usage

Intrusion Detection

Intrusion Prevention

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Zero Trust Access

Identity and Access Management

Secure Network Access Control

Active Directory and SSO Integration

Multi-Factor Authentication

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Security Integrations

DDoS Mitigation

Next-Gen Firewall



Web Filtering

Application Whitelisting

Questions about security in the Join Cloud?

Get in touch with the Join team to learn more about how the Join Cloud secures your entire network infrastructure and the digital services you use.


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