Cloud-native Converged Networks for smart buildings and workplaces.

The limitless power of the cloud, natively integrated as part of the commercial property's infrastructure.

It’s time to rethink how we deploy building and workplace technologies. We’ve designed the leading Converged Network as a Service with the performance, efficiency, and speed of the cloud.

Redundant, Multi-Terabit Private Network

Join delivers as much bandwidth as each system and device needs over our terabit-scale, cloud-native network. Network traffic is segmented and isolated, designed to meet even the highest security and lowest latency data demands.

Uncapped, Unthrottled Internet and Cloud Connectivity

Join offers uncapped and unthrottled Internet access over our redundant, terabit-scale, fiber-optic backbone. It’s elastic and scalable enough to provide even the largest commercial office tower with limitless, dedicated bandwidth for every tenant and building technology network.

Extremely Low Total Cost of Ownership

Join eliminates complexity and cost because the majority of our network infrastructure is in the cloud. You never need to buy, install, manage, or maintain hardware. And with our small locally-installed equipment footprint, you’ll save with lower energy consumption costs without sacrificing performance or flexibility.

Easily Scale to Meet New Technology Demands​​

Be prepared for new trends and technologies without all the hassle of patching in new systems, while also reducing the cost of future upgrades. Adopt new cloud-enabled building and office technologies rapidly. And because we’re cloud-native, never get locked in to vendor-specific services—change any time to fit your needs.

Integrated Network Security​

Protect smart building applications, devices, systems, amenities, and tenants from security risks and vulnerabilities through intelligent network segmentation and cybersecurity protections. When you need more protection from our cloud-native network, we can help you with premium cybersecurity features and integrations.

Customer-Driven Technology Experience

The Join Cloud provides a complete digital workplace experience from one unified platform. In addition to your Internet, WiFi, and private network, enable unified communications, video conferencing, interactive meeting and virtual spaces, business productivity and collaboration tools, smart devices and building technologies, direct cloud connections, and more.

Explore what you can do on the Join Cloud

Join Cloud for Smart Buildings

With an increasing number of cyber attacks on building infrastructure systems, building owners are continuously looking for ways to mitigate risk and protect critical building systems. The Join Cloud for Smart Buildings protects all core building infrastructure by moving all systems to a single, secure network.

Join Cloud for Smart Workplaces

The Join Cloud gives building owners an easy way to deliver secure, enterprise-scale digital services to tenants on demand. There is no hardware or software to buy, install, manage, or maintain. Tenants get the same level of security and performance as if they were working from their home network in a corporate headquarters.

Learn More about the Join Cloud

Contact us to set up a personalized needs assessment and see the value of the Join Cloud for your building.


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