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Modernize and secure your smart building infrastructure

Deliver secure, profitable, high-performance buildings that deliver a tenant and operator experience employees love to work.

Smart Buildings and Smart Workplaces, On-Demand

Tenants want outstanding digital experiences, not just physical space. Owners want improved NOI and better efficiency and security.

The Join Cloud offers a complete range of subscription digital services to enhance the tenant experience and deliver a smarter, more resilient building infrastructure. You benefit from increased tenant loyalty, lower churn, improved brand image, reduced risk, improved operational excellence and better financial results.

  • Shorten leasing cycles with move-in ready Smart Spec Suites
  • Increase tenant retention and loyalty
  • Improve cybersecurity
  • Eliminate tenant concessions for IT
  • Position your building as technology-forward
  • Cut revenue loss due to time delays for IT rip-out and replace

Services on the Join Cloud

The Join Cloud for Smart Buildings

Protect building systems with a single, secure infrastructure. Offer digital amenities to tenants, including move-in ready Smart Spec Suites.

The Join Cloud for Smart Workplaces

Give your tenants instant access to secure, enterprise-scale digital services that match what they get in their corporate headquarters.

With an increasing number of cyber attacks on building infrastructure systems, building owners want to mitigate risk and protect critical building systems. Many of today’s building systems are built on top of insecure networks and legacy IT infrastructures that are not equipped to defend against cyber attacks. Building owners are potentially exposed to vulnerabilities from their tenants’ networks, which may not employ the latest cybersecurity technologies. Each discrete system that you move to the Join Cloud improves building-wide security.

Companies are moving away from long-term leases in large, centrally located offices. They need  more flexible options and workplace settings in more locations. These changes are transforming the economics of commercial leasing. Buildings are seeing more tenant turnover, higher costs and less predictable revenue. Tenants want more flexibility and faster, less painful moves. Join Smart Spec Suites introduce new ways to tenants to procure office space: Space that’s digital-ready, so their employees can get right to work and flexible enough that they can expand or move within your building without incurring unexpected costs.

Today’s work is digital work. Your tenants are hiring workforces that expect their apps and the internet to be there with them, wherever they go. With the Join Cloud, it’s easy to offer digital amenities in common areas that make the building more convenient and even more fun for workers.

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Join’s CEO Karl May talks about cybersecurity risks to commercial properties at RealComm 2019.

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