Create safer, agile, resilient workplaces for the new normal.

Learn how Join's experience- and data-driven toolkit can help you adapt confidently to meet challenges today and tomorrow.

Step into a new era of connectivity.

Commercial property owners and operators are facing a host of new challenges in the current pandemic. How do you alleviate the concerns tenants and employees have when returning to the workplace? And how can you adapt to these new challenges today while maintaining control of technology deployments for tomorrow?

With Join’s Connect-Secure-Sense-Automate platform, we provide endless possibilities to help reoccupy your properties safely and build more resilient operations for the future.

Join helps property owners and operators in three key areas:

  • Elevating Trust: Strengthen trust and the relationship with your tenants by offering data-driven, user-friendly safety and convenience apps
  • Agile Occupancy: Help workforces who need more flexible spaces to reduce large-scale vacancies across your portfolio
  • Resilient Operations: Prepare and adapt to today’s and tomorrow’s new normal—and centralize building data to control costs and streamline operations, engineering, and IT

With a full suite of data-driven and tenant experience-driven technologies at your fingertips, see how Join can help you rebuild and reoccupy your workplaces.

Elevating Trust
Use occupancy, location, and health data to provide tenants with transparency plus a safe and healthy environment.
Agile Occupancy
Provide the flexibility workforces want both inside your building and across locations to attract and retain tenants.
Resilient Operations
Leverage your building data to control costs, efficiently manage operations, and maintain a high standard of tenant service.

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