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Powering the Future of Smart Buildings and Smart Workplaces

In response to increasing demand for a turnkey experience, Join™ brings the built and digital worlds together with the essential Network-as-a-Service and IT-as-a-Service offerings for Smart Buildings and Smart Workplaces. With uncapped, unthrottled internet and data services for users, support for environmental control sensors, cameras for security, access control for doors, or connections to Building Management Systems, Join delivers secure, high performance, and highly resilient services to ensure the Smart Building serves it owners, operators, and users.

Join provides industry leading data privacy and cybersecurity to all these devices and users, as well as the compliance requirements so many now demand.  In a Join Smart Building, owners and operators can offer Smart Workplaces – flex offices, spec suites, and retail – all benefiting from the security of Join cloud.  Founded in 2016, Join is based in San Jose and is funded by leading venture capital firms and investors with deep experience both in commercial real estate and cutting-edge technologies. 

A History of Innovation

Join was founded by serial technology entrepreneurs who created groundbreaking technologies in optical networking, cybersecurity and cloud computing.

The inspiration for Join came from conversations with customers of Treq Labs (a previous company created by the founders and sold in 2015). Treq Labs built terabit-scale fiber optic networking devices that sold to large enterprises and telecommunications companies. The company had a reputation for building high performance devices that didn’t break.

Some of Treq Labs’ largest and most strategic clients began to ask whether secure, high performance networking could be delivered as a service.

Building on fiber optic networking and cybersecurity IP developed over more than 20 years, Join was founded on this service premise. Enterprises need secure, high performance network services. They don’t need to buy, install and maintain networks.

Your tenants expect an experience, not just an office.

Get Join in your building today!

Looking for secure, high performance, fully managed digital workspace solutions? Make your building, flexible office or suite Join-Ready today.


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