Cloud-connected workplaces for modern digital enterprises.

The Cloud-Connected Campus

The technology inside matters

At 500 West Monroe, we’ve made it easy to enjoy blazing fast connectivity and a 360° technology experience to help you keep pace with changing technology needs and give your employees a secure, healthy, and productive workplace, wherever they are.

500 West Monroe is prewired with a state-of-the-art converged network by Join, powering our terabit-scale fiber optic network and blazing fast Internet to keep every smart building and tenant system running reliably and efficiently. 500 West Monroe with Join technology is more than an office, it’s the ideal smart workplace.

Limitless, low-latency bandwidth for everyone, every device, and every application throughout 500 West Monroe

Terabit-scale connectivity and state-of-the-art network technology from Join are embedded throughout to give tenants a customizable, turnkey digital experience inside and outside the office.

Our digital backbone integrates cybersecurity into every networked building system, from elevators and security cameras to access control and filtration systems, ensuring the entire campus delivers the ultimate performance, security and privacy from top to bottom.

Common Area Digital Amenities

Productivity meets flexibility and safety

Work anywhere with wireless everywhere

With blazing fast WiFi throughout 500 West Monroe, stay securely connected to your office network and get work done in our open air courtyards or indoor shared spaces.

Stay safer with occupancy and traffic awareness

Get peace of mind throughout 500 West Monroe as we evaluate safe distancing standards throughout all property common areas, anonymity guaranteed.

An office environment that can respond intelligently

With an integrated converged networking system, 500 West Monroe can quickly respond to changing needs, make upgrades, and add new technology amenities without any disruptions.

Turnkey Cloud-Connected Offices

A new era in digital workplaces

Why spin up your own office network and connectivity, when you can just subscribe to a turnkey Smart Workplace from Join? We’ve made it easy to deploy your secure network with blazing fast symmetrical bandwidth to power every cloud application, device and person. See why leading companies use Join to connect their onsite and remote workforces.

Connectivity Services

Tap into Join’s uncapped, unthrottled connectivity services and give each person and every device in your space all the speed they need.

No Hardware

We ease the burden of deploying and managing your own hardware with a complete in-office, hassle-free managed technology infrastructure from Join.


Join makes it easy to deploy today’s strongest cybersecurity to your infrastructure, helping you protect your connected devices, employees, and contractors.

A completely turnkey office is waiting for you!

500 West Monroe is fully equipped with Internet, WiFi, and the digital amenities you need

Fully customize your performance and security

Optimize your space with additional enterprise-grade, hardware-free tech services from Join. There’s no hardware or additional software to buy, install, or maintain ever. Join scales with your business, from move-in day to beyond.

Fiber Internet + Wi-Fi 6

Cybersecurity + Private Networks

Office A/V Systems

On-Demand Printing

Unified Communications

Edge Cloud + Apps

Enhanced Occupancy Sensing

Air + Environmental Monitoring

Access Control Integration

Conference Room Scheduling

Detailed Analytics Dashboard

Custom Integrations

Welcome to a new era of digital offices

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