Create the office people really want using AdaptIQ workplace analytics

The Adaptive Workplace is Here

Powerful sensors + data show you everything happening in any physical space

Occupancy Sensing

Make the smartest space investments to attract people to the workplace. With the most powerful multi-dimensional occupancy sensing, gain a deep understanding of the actual usage and trends throughout your workplace.

Environmental Monitoring

Protect everyone in the workplace from the things they can’t see. With hypersensitive environmental and air quality sensors, create healthier, comfortable spaces where people work productively and collaborate without worries.

Create the space where you want to be

Get the all-in-one workplace analytics platform. Give a more human work experience.

Spatial Intelligence

Continually optimize any space with more accurate occupancy insights

Understand exactly how people are really using the workplace

Measure every dimension in the workplace. Get an accurate picture of everyone anywhere in your workplace, where they come and go, and even spaces people love or avoid altogether.

Experiment and adapt any space to your ideal work experience

Confidently make the workplace investments that matter. Find the optimal mix of space types where people can collaborate and do their best work, comfortably and healthily.

Environmental Intelligence

Make wellbeing, comfort, and trust the center of your work experience

Comfortable spaces are more productive workplaces

The temperature, humidity, light, and noise around us affect our work. Monitor every factor that impacts productivity and health, like fatigue and cognitive levels.

Keep illness at bay and ensure you have the cleanest air quality

Know what’s in the air. See an accurate measure of the carbon dioxide, toxic chemical compounds, and particulate matter and dust particles lingering in every space.

Upgrade Your Workplace Experience

Add-on integrations—unify every data stream for enhanced insights


Access Control Systems

Make your office completely touchless. Expand your occupancy and scene intelligence by adding an access control system to connect individual access with occupancy and health data.


Space Scheduling

Always find meeting space or a quiet space to work based on real-time availability. Extend utilization analytics and continually optimize for employee preferences.


Developer APIs

Integrate Join’s workplace analytics into your apps or tools. Enhance your employee and customer experience with powerful occupancy, health and wellness data.

Advanced IoT security, privacy, and customizations available

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IoT Cybersecurity

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Dedicated IoT Bandwidth + WiFi

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Segmented IoT Network

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Custom IoT Integrations

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Custom Threshholds + Alerts


ESG + Compliance Reporting

See AdaptIQ in action

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